It's asparagus season again so do come along to see us and purchase our yummy asparagus spears.


The Asparagus Season

The British asparagus season is short. It usually begins in mid to late April and traditionally ends on Midsummer’s Day. This is when we stop harvesting it to allow the plants to throw up ferns that can grow up to six feet and will, through photosynthesis, gather the energy that will sustain the following year’s crop.

Asparagus consumes a great amount of land and time to produce. It is a perennial plant and the crowns send up delicious spears year after year.  Outside of the 8 week harvesting window the plants exist as ferns, gathering sunlight and storing energy in the root system ready for the harvest the following year.


Cooking Asparagus

Despite what you may have read or heard, it's not necessary to buy an asparagus steamer, nor to bind the asparagus into a bundle and cook it upright in a pan. For the best results, wash the stems thoroughly in a sink full of cold water. Then trim the stalks and, if the lower part of the stem seems tough when sliced and eaten raw, lightly peel the bottom third of the stem. Drop loose spears into a pan of boiling water and cook until just tender. The cooking time varies according to the thickness of the stems, but ranges between 3-5 minutes. Once it's cooked, drain and pat dry on kitchen paper. If you're serving it cold, you'll get the best flavour if, rather than cooling under the cold tap, you spread the hot asparagus out to cool on some kitchen paper.


Recipe- Asparagus Wrapped in Parma Ham


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